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Cubism Grill

Collaborative Product Design / 3D Animation


Product Concept
3D Animation
3D Compositing

Nature and humanity, intertwined in symbiotic bliss; we build our homes of steel and marble and create a world apart, yet in our quest for progress, we must not forget to miss, The gifts that nature offers, a bridge to the heart.

The flame dances with wild abandon, a warm and formless fire, While stone stands tall and steady, cold and firm in its desire. Together they offer balance, and a harmonious desire, Bringing nature to our doorstep amidst our modern attire.

So let us gather around this grill, as we bask in its warmth, A reminder of the beauty that surrounds, amidst the urban swarm; of steel and marble, it stands as a symbol, a work of art, A bridge between nature and us, right in the midst of our heart.

The Grill

Light indicator.
White: Power indicator.
Yellow: The grill is heating up.
Orange: Finished heating, ready for use.

The grill has three layers. The top layer opens or closes to allow food to be placed into the middle layer, which contains the cooking grate and retains the heat inside the grill. The bottom layer is where the fire is located.

The design of the grill: in use (left), idle (right).

Grill smoke vent.

Selected Frames

It all started with a simple question...

We began our grill design process with several manifestos as foundational guidelines. Among these, the one that resonated most with Keto and me was, 'Everything is so rounded; why not make it cuboid?' While we are all fans of minimalism, we sought to incorporate an element that would add a distinctive flair to our design.

Everything is so rounded; why not make it a cuboid?
We all needed a little sense of ceremony in our life.
Feel nature, embrace nature.
Sustainability is the key to survival.
Less is more.
NO mass production.
The beauty of imperfection!
We need a bonfire to connect with others.
It’s already perfect by only sitting there.
“Is it heavy? Then it’s expensive.”
Nature is always there when you feel alone.

Round 1

In the first round of design, we embraced the concept of 'the beauty of imperfection'. However, after conducting some tests, we realized that while this version of the design was aesthetically pleasing, it was not functional.

Final Round Sketch

3D Modeling

We used KeyShot to model our grill based on our sketch.

3D Animation Planning

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