Camera & lens

Sony Alpha 7C
Sony FE 90mm
f/2.8 Macro Lens


Lightroom Classic


Ming Tai

No Country for Old Men

Title Sequence Design

The title sequence for No Country for Old Men will visually capture the contrast between the strange calmness and cruelty of the main character, Anton Chigurh. The sequence will feature a coin frozen in ice, representing Chigurh's eerie composure. As the ice melts, the coin will fall into a pool of red ink, symbolizing the character's ruthless nature. The red ink will eventually dissipate, revealing the frozen coin once again, creating a loop that reflects Chigurh's duality.

To enhance the visual impact, the heads side of the coin will be portrayed with a stark, monochromatic palette, emphasizing the cold and detached nature of Chigurh's calmness. In contrast, the tails side will be depicted with a vibrant, chaotic composition, utilizing a range of red hues to convey the violence and bloodshed associated with his cruelty.

As the story unfolds, the audience will come to understand the complexity of Chigurh's character, and this title sequence will provide a fitting introduction to the film's themes and tone.


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