I love documenting my life, especially the unique experiences and feelings I had while growing up. In 2020, I experienced my first heartbreak that almost destroyed me. I was consumed by extreme sadness, fragility, and vulnerability; it felt like I had fallen into a black hole filled with darkness. The pain in my heart was like a knife twisting in my back, stabbed by someone I once trusted.

During that time, a friend who was taking care of me told me, "Embrace these intense emotions as part of your journey. They are a testament to your capacity to feel, and one day, you might long for the intensity of these very moments." This perspective inspired me to transform my pain into a source of strength.

Thus, I wanted to use this motion piece as documentation of the heartbreak I experienced in 2020.


Miguel Lee


Cinema 4D
Octane Render
After Effects


3D Animation

Selected Frames

Style Frames

I try to use visual metaphors to represent the feelings I experienced throughout my style frame designs.

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