Master Chef?!

Style Frames

This project's objective is to use four frames to narrate a story. Growing up, I was always a fan of Halo. I still remember the shock I experienced the first time I played Halo and how much I admired Master Chief. The idea of "Master Chef" comes from the mispronunciation of my name in games. Some of my friends once called me "Chef" instead of "Chief," and we joked about it, which later became my gaming nickname. Interestingly, my friends weren't the only ones who mispronounced "Chief" as "Chef." There were memes around the internet about this. So, when the development team of Halo found out about this, they even made "Master Chef" official in the game with costume nameplates, stickers, and more. Therefore, I decided to create a misdirected story about Master Chef, where people think it's Master Chief preparing for battle, but in fact, it's Master Chef preparing for food.

A man carefully puts on his armor and sharpening knife in a dimly lit room, and it seems he is preparing for battle. But then, he opens a door that appears it is for the armory, and intense light shoots from it, lighting up the whole room and the man. It's him! That legend, humanity's last hope: Master Chief! Oh wait, not Master Chief, it's Master Chef; he is wearing a chef hat, opening a refrigerator, and is ready to cook.


Ara Devejian


Cinema 4D
Lightroom Classic
After Effects


I built each scene in Cinema 4D, where a lot of the challenge involved finding the right angle, placement, and lighting for the environment, as well as deciding what kind of objects to include to misdirect the audience into thinking it's a battleground rather than a kitchen. For example, in the second shot, I placed some onions on the table with extreme lighting that made them look like plasma grenades from Halo

Initial Sketch

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