Strawberry Car 2.0

3D Animation / Automotive design

It all started with a dream back in elementary school. I always had wild imaginations and often dreamed up strange and fantastical designs, like high-tech, one-seater submarines or cars I could operate all by myself as a kid. But one day, during a math class, I had an idea that would stay with me for years to come: What if a car was designed to look like a strawberry?


Cinema 4D
After Effects

The 1.0 Design

The idea lingered until 2020 when I was first introduced to Cinema 4D. Finally having the tools and skills, I brought my childhood dream to life, and thus the Strawberry Car 1.0 was born.

The 2.0 Design

The design process for the Strawberry Car 2.0 was a labor of love. I started by studying the aerodynamics of sports cars. Aiming for maximum aerodynamics, I incorporated several features to reduce drag, such as a sleek, streamlined body, a front splitter, and a massive rear wing. I also added a series of aerodynamic kits around the body, including side skirts and a rear diffuser, to further enhance the car's performance.

Selected Frames


Before venturing into the 3D world, I usually start the design process traditionally, sketching them out on a piece of paper. I began with the rounded version of the Strawberry Car, which is what I imagined as a kid (the top left ones). However, now I wanted a more refined version, a more aggressive-looking Strawberry Car that resembles a race car.

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